Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Fly and Cheaters Get Elected President

Carol at No Sheeples Here:

The Drudge Report, Death By 1000 Papercuts, The National Enquirer, Don Surber and Swiss newspaper Le Matin are shouting with the headlines of an Obama affair with Vera Baker.

Either the story is true and one helluva shocker OR The Enquirer is in a world of hurt.

They can expect a SWAT team at their doorstep any minute I suppose.
Nah, the SWAT teams are stretched too thin and are plum tuckered from chasing after blue hairs

I don't doubt the reports, The Enquirer has been right more often than not in the past but honestly, I thought Obama was gay.  Seriously.  Take a look at Michelle and tell me "feminine" is the first word that jumps in your head.  The perfect couple and the perfect cover.  Anyway, let's wait and see if this thing has legs.

Meanwhile, Carol has all the links.

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