Thursday, May 27, 2010

Momma Warned Me About Boys Like Him

Seems like Will Folks is what my Momma would call a "cad"-an emotionally immature little twit that is "all blow and no show".  Once upon a time a younger Mr. Folks probably thought himself quite the king of the locker room.  He never noticed the other guys rolling their eyes as he told his fantastic stories of conquest.  Pity.  A hard lesson then might have spared him a harder lesson now.  Erick Erickson at RedState hints that a hard lesson may be just around the corner:

Who paid Will Folks? He was allegedly offered money. A LOT of money. In fact, RedState now confirms through a whole heap of sources that he’s been trying to sell this story for a year.

We know who bit.

We know who didn’t bite.

We know who paid Will Folks to push this story out there.

Oh, and you guys in the media, you’ve let Folks string you along. We’re going to string you along.

Tune in later for the answer.
Best I can tell, all our Mr. Folks has accomplished is that he has branded himself as a dishonorable and self serving punk.  That, and he inspired a Rule 6.  I doubt his Momma would be proud.

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