Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here's Your Sign

Today’s “vote early/vote often” story comes courtesy of TPM:

Sen. Blanche Lincoln suffered what might be one of the all-time greatest campaign staff fails this morning. According to her campaign staff, Lincoln was initially turned away when she tried to vote at her home her polling place this morning after elections officials discovered she had already requested an absentee ballot be sent to her Virginia home. Poll workers told Lincoln their records showed she had already voted.

"She just wanted to be prepared," campaign spokesperson Katie Laning Niebaum told me a few minutes ago. "She has requested absentee ballots on many past occasions."

Lincoln didn't fill out the absentee ballot this time, her staff no doubt eager for the classic casting-the-ballot photo op this morning. But, thanks to this mix-up, she's stuck with the less appealing "filling out the provisional ballot so elections
officials can determine if her vote is legal or not" shot instead
I’ve got to think that kismet is not on your side if you are stopped while trying to vote for yourself. Maybe a sign of things to come?

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MarySue said...

That has to be some seriously bad Karma on election day. Wow