Tuesday, May 4, 2010

They Aren't "Criminals", They Are "Legally Challenged"

The Bride of Rove asks, “Why are Progressives Pro-Crime?” I don’t know that Progressives are pro-crime, per se, but with their up is down thinking Progressives are pro-criminal.

Progressives do not believe in right and wrong or in being judgmental, unless it pertains to the Tea Party members or some other unseemly group. Look at Roman Polanski. He isn’t a rapist, he is a Hollywood director! Everyone knows that in order for a rape to be “rape rape” it must be committed by the likes of a Duke Lacrosse team.

Progressives believe that criminals are simply “misunderstood.” They are victims of a cruel capitalist society that enslaves its citizens, thus forcing members of the citizenry to rebel and “act out.” People who fly planes into buildings or plant bombs at Time Square are simply reacting to America’s partnership with Israel. Illegal immigrants are merely seeking freedom and prosperity, which apparently this country provides in between bouts of fascism, imperialism and greed.

No matter the offense, its cause is deeply rooted in our misogyny, racism and colonialism. In fact, were Progressives to have their way, they would do any with term “criminal” and its negative connotations altogether. Perhaps “societially challenged” would be a better label for those whom society has done wrong

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