Monday, May 31, 2010

Israeli Soldiers Attacked by "Activists"

Contrary to the false headlines being splattered throughout the world by the MSM, a group of Israeli soldiers were viciously attacked when they attempted to board a flotilla carrying "aid" to Gaza.  The following video, via The Sundries Shack, clearly shows that it was the soldiers who were attacked and not the other way around:

How did the MSM and the crackpots and thugs at the UN get the story so wrong?  Simply, they wanted to. 

Stacy McCain has background on the "activists" on the flotilla.

Melissa Clouthier-President Obama Abandons Israel (AGAIN)

American Power-Gaza Flotilla Activists Launched Pre-Planned Attack on Israeli Commandos

As we speak, the UN Security Council is meeting to condemn Israel.  The UN is a joke.  It is comprised of a bunch of thugs and self-dealers who have no moral authority to pass judgement on anyone.


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