Saturday, July 3, 2010

What Schools Should Teach Our Children About Sex

On several fronts schools seem to be more about indoctrination than teaching these days.  No where is this more true than in "sex education" classes.  For some reason that I am unable to fathom, schools feel the need to teach middle school students sexual positions and techniques, when in reality what our children need to know are factsHere's a good place to start:

Children from single parent families are less likely to graduate from high school.

Children from single parent families are more likely to become pregnant during their teen years.

Children from a single-parent household account for 72% of teenage murderers, 60% percent of people who commit rape crimes and are eleven times more likely to exhibit violent behavior.

Approximately seventy percent of single-parent mothers live in poverty, earning less than $13,000 annually.
I'm fifty-two years old.  Back in my day we didn't talk alot about sex, at least not with adults.  But my Mom told me the most important things I needed to know.  Mom told me that there was a direct correlation between having sex and having babies.  That particular lesson was reinforced when three girls in my class indeed had babies and another had an abortion.  My Mom told me that she and my father worked hard to ensure that I would have a good life and that I owed it to my future children to be prepared before I became pregnant to be able to give them a good life.  My Mom didn't discuss technique, she talked consequences.
These days sexual activity between teens is simultaneously glamorized and trivialized.  Our children need to know the facts about teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and the negative consequences of engaging in sex prior to emotional maturity.

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Adrienne said...

Funny - I was just scanning MySpace in our area. I was astounded at the number of girls 18 - 22 in our town who had babies out of wedlock (one had three), and were bragging about it. To put it in context our population is about 25K and I confined the search to just our zip. I was truly flabbergasted. It was very, very sad.

I went to Catholic schools in the 1950's and 60's so you can forget "sex" education - other than the concept of purity. My Mom taught my brother to "keep his zipper up" and me to "keep my legs crossed." Worked out quite well.