Sunday, August 2, 2009

Palin Hater Unmasked

From Stacy McCain:

An anonymous e-mailer forwards to me this communication, which I post without editing, except for formatting purposes:

I would like you to know that Gryphen of Immoral Minority (Palin divorce smear) is actually one Jesse Griffin. He must value his identity because he had his fellow Palin Hater, Dennis Zaki, black out his name in this document: reveals that Gryphen is a kindergarten teacher of some kind:Thomas Van Flein, Sarah Palin's lawyer, threatened Saturday to serve libel papers at a kindergarten to the owner of the highly trafficked "ImmoralMinority" blog for a divorce story on the Palins. The blog was given until 3pm Saturday to remove the story and post a retraction. The blogger stands by the story.He also admitted in his most recent post that he is a teacher, but note that he won't post his name.

Well, as Stacy goes on to say, we do know his name. The “Gryphen” is Jesse Griffin. As could be expected, after making it his mission to blog every ridiculous rumor to come down the pike about Sarah Palin and her family, Griffin is now crying the victim blues:

So thanks to Van Flein you now know my dirty little secret. I am an assistant teacher in a room full of five year old children.

Understanding my love for my job and my desire to protect my children from a potentially frightening encounter, Van Flein threatened to serve my summons "at the kindergarten where you assist". He did not say the "school where you work", he specifically mentioned my classroom in order to frighten me into compliance. Why else would he have said that?

So the teacher’s aide loves all the little children so long as their name isn’t “Trig Palin.” Gotcha.

Excuse me if my heart doesn’t break for poor little Jesse. The thought that he makes his living hanging out with young children is nauseating.
Stacy has a lot more to say about Griff, so head on back to the story.

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