Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Code Pink: When it Comes to Their Position on Afghanistan There is No "Redo"

Donald Douglas, writing at American Power:

It's stupidly transparent, but leftist media outlets have launched a
campaign to rehabilitate Code Pink, the hardline neo-communist protest group.
The Christian Science Monitor quotes group co-founder Medea
Benjamin as saying:

We would leave with the same parameters of an exit strategy but we
might perhaps be more flexible about a timeline ... That's where we have opened
ourselves, being here, to some other possibilities. We have been feeling a sense
of fear of the people of the return of the Taliban. So many people are saying
that, 'If the US troops left the country, would collapse. We'd go into civil
war.' A palpable sense of fear that is making us start to reconsider that.

Douglas, as always, is spot on. His post was written before Code Pink's Medea Benjamin's appearance on the Bill O'Reilly tonight. I watched and as expected, Benjamin called for our immediate withdrawal from, well, everywhere. In fact, I got the impression that Code Pink would like to see the United States military expelled from the United States.

Was I surprised at Benjamin's attitude? Pulease! But when O'Reilly asked her if Afghan women are safer due to the American presence she tried to side-step the question and when she couldn't, answered in the negative. Does Benjamin understand that prior to our soldiers entering Afghanistan that it was punishable by death to teach a female to read? Is Benjamin and Code Pink aware of genital mutilation, honor killings, forced marriage, and the rapes and beatings that our soldiers try, and sometimes succeed, to protect the Afghan women from?

No one has ever "won" in Afghanistan and a alot have tried. If the United States turns out to be the exception to the rule, women will be the biggest winners. I don't think that Code Pink is ignorant of that fact. I think they don't care.

Code Pink does nothing for women in the world. They get nothing from me.

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