Friday, October 23, 2009

What Do We Stand For? Updated

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” - Original source unknown

There it was on Memeorandum, Former governor calls for party reform. Deep sigh. We all know where this is going, don’t we? Another lecture from a ‘senior republican’ on how we need to be more ‘inclusive’, less ‘strident’ and though they don’t come out and say it, less ‘republican.’ Turns out, the former governor is Jeb Bush, my former governor and a man I voted for, three times.

Two quotes stand out. First:

“It’s important to have beliefs and it’s important to talk about them, but it’s more important to act upon them,” Bush said.

“And by their deeds you shall know them.” – Matthew 7:20

I take it that my former governor would agree with me that simply calling oneself a Republican doesn’t cut it- it is more important to act upon it by voting according to Republican principals. Whew! For awhile there has seemed to be an endless stream of ‘senior republicans’ who have been dismissive of conservatives for being dismissive of ‘republicans’ whose deeds and acts have been anything but Republican.

The second quote:

"In politics, you never win when you say 'us and them.' We need a more welcoming message."
I agree with Bush. I would like to see the Republican Party welcome everyone who believes in smaller government, less taxes, less government intrusion. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. In fact, those who have raised their voices the loudest in support of Republican values-Rush, Glenn, Sean, et al, have been rebuked by ‘senior republicans.’ Often ‘senior republicans’ remind me of used car salesmen but instead of “No credit? No problem!”, it is “Pro Abortion? In favor of Cap and Trade? No problem!”

As I stated last night, I am confused and no longer sure how the party, my party, defines itself. What does the Republican Party stand for? I hear ‘senior republicans’ talk about fiscal conservatism, smaller government and greater personal freedom but their deeds (Congressional voting records) contradict their words. If the party stands for nothing, we will fall for anything.


Smitty has the perfect advise for the GOP:

You can play to your base, or progressivism, but not both. If the latter, then the base sees no difference between the GOP and the Democrat candidate, and the GOP deserves to rot.

Read Smitty's swing state update here.

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