Monday, October 5, 2009

Now They Want My Meat?

From The Daley Gator:

For years I have been saying that one day, the Nanny Statists would try to
control meat. It is simply their nature to control people and everything people
do. Well, I DO, a least in this case, hate saying I told you so, BUT……….

Let me make a couple of things real clear-first, I haven't had a smoke in eleven days and second, I haven't had my beloved beer in the same amount of time out of the fear that enjoying the latter might interfere with my giving up the former. I am cranky, nay, bitchy! So if Little Miss EPA has designs on my prime rib I strongly urge her to think twice. Further, did I hear her say, "addicted to their cars" and "addicted to their power"? How does she get to work, broomstick? Is her home lit by candles, cooled by big blocks of ice and warmed by...? What is an eco-friendly means of warming one's home? Can't be burning trees. Solar panels would work here in Florida but I guess in less sunny states families would have to huddle close together while wearing lots of sweaters made of hemp. Thing is, were liberals born with some kind of 'busy body' gene?

Great, now I'm bitchy and all worked up. I think I'll take my mind off it by swinging by Ozzie's and check out the ribs.

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