Saturday, October 17, 2009

Liberal Racists

A couple of nights ago I saw the exchange between Juan Williams and Warren Ballantine on the Bill O’Reilly Show. They were discussing Rush Limbaugh and needless to say, the discussion became heated. Ballantine made a comment to Williams, which with all the shouting I didn’t catch, but I could tell by the look on Williams face that Ballantine had crossed a line. Last night Williams filled for O’Reilly and I found out that in the previous exchange Ballantine had called Williams a “porch monkey.”

Juan Williams is in that category of people that I like, respect and almost always disagree with. In fact, I usually strongly disagree with Williams. Williams made no secret of his anger at being called a “porch monkey” and I was angry for him. I also got the feeling that this was the first time that Williams had been targeted because of his beliefs by one of his own.

In all kindness I say welcome to the real world, Juan. As a ‘person of color’ you are only allowed to have one set of beliefs and you are not allowed to stray from that belief system and think and speak for yourself. It doesn’t matter that you usually ‘toe the line,’ any variance from the approved script will be met with swift derision. Remember when Colin Powell and Condi Rice were “house negros?” What was your reaction then? Did you stand up for Sarah Palin when her ‘womaness’ was attacked because she didn’t follow the feminist dictates?

The lesson is that it is the Left, not the Right, who are the racists and sexists and all other manner of “ists.” Woe to anyone who refuses, even in a single instance, who wanders outside the parameter of a “proper negro” or “proper woman.” Juan Williams found out what happens to a black man who thinks for himself. I hope that he keeps that “porch monkey” slur in the back of his mind and that he will be more sensitive when others are attacked unfairly for stepping off the liberal plantation.

Video of William’s response is from VotingFemale Speaks:


Anonymous said...

I never realized just how much racism existed in America and it is all coming from the left.

carol said...

"All" racism comes from neither the Left or the Right. Regardless of the source, racism is evil. I won't put up with it when I encounter it on my side of the aisle. Sadly, too often the Left not only accepts racism and sexism in their ranks, they encourage it.

Montana said...

Williams can think what he wants. For so many years Limbaugh has spent his time on the radio mis-labeling or mis-characterizing others . Finally he had his judgment day.