Friday, April 10, 2009

Jumping In To The Fray, Part 2

After watching Robert Gibbs acting like a total jerk at a press conference I decided to revisit the subject of President Obama bowing before the Saudi king. When Gibbs was asked about the bow, he positively oozed smart ass. Americans have the right to ask the question and have it answered without finding themselves in the middle of a White House smarmfest.

Americans are notorious for their short attention spans. Yesterday's big news is today's "eh". So you would think that this had met it's expiration date. You would be right had the White House not lied. Not only did the White House deny that the President bowed, they made up a ridiculous story that was completely contradicted by the video of the event. Their excuse is that the king is shorter than President Obama. Well, so is the Queen of England, the Prime Minister of Japan, France's President Sarkozy. There is no evidence that any of these world leaders earned a bow by virtue of their short stature. So what is really going on here and why did the White House feel that it was necessary to lie to the American people?

In the absence of anything even mildly approaching honesty on the part of the president, Americans are left to themselves to decide why Obama felt the need to debase himself to the Saudi king. The lying? Well, isn't that standard for President Obama? Didn't he lie about Rezko, Ayers and Wright?

Think about the image that President Obama projects publicly versus his actual policy. Throughout the campaign, candidate Obama was able to play himself off as darn near middle of the road. He managed this by lying. If his relationship with Tony Rezko was pointed out to illustrate that Obama was just another old school Chicago thug the reply was an incredulous "there is no relationship". When his ties to Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn hinted that he might be a bit more of a left wing radical socialist than his handlers wanted to let on, Ayers was suddenly just "some guy he'd sat on a board with". Obama sat in church with his wife and children week after week as the Rev. Wright spewed racist hate speech and called on God to damn America. No sir, Obama never heard any of that. He looked straight in the camera and told lie after lie and he was able to pull it off because the girls at the MSM were too busy giggling about how their legs were tingling to point out the difference between Obama's record and the way he, and they, were portraying that record.

So here we are. The government is spending our grandchildren's tax money before they've had a chance to finish grade school. The government is in a power grab of our financial institutions, car manufacturers and our health systems. The candidate that abhorred President Bush's wiretaps is now expanding that power and soon private citizen's email and web surfing will be fair game.

What does all really have to do with the bow? I don't know, but if the White House is lying about it, it must mean something.

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