Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That Ain't My Momma's Hokey Pokey

RS McCain posited earlier that all great rock music was recorded by the time John Bonham died. I would argue that there have been a few great songs since 1980 but I would also argue that “dismal” is a much better description of recent music than “great.” Case in point, I am currently out on the patio enjoying the warm temps and the breeze coming off the bay, EXCEPT, my new neighbor’s teenage son and his friends are enjoying some music in their driveway. Not just any music. The current “song” is the Hokey Pokey. If you are thinking, “put your left foot in, take your left foot out” ha, ha, ha, are you STUPID! This is the rap version, and it isn’t the left foot that is going in and out.

I’ve heard bad music before. My kids took violin lessons for ten years. Listening to them practice that first year was like having wisdom teeth cut out without Novocain while the dental assistant scratched a blackboard. Pain I can handle-lyrical idiocy, not so much.

h/t The Other McCain

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