Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Because I Am A Conservative Don't Think I Have To Be A Republican

My daughter and I now communicate through quick online chats. Its a time zone thing coupled with a life stage thing. We are on many levels just not at the same place. However, as happens when parents and children age, we've grown closer than we were ten years ago. Anyway, I was chatting with her about the Tea Party here in Tampa and I told her that I didn't feel comfortable in the Republican Party anymore. I became a Republican two years before my daughter was born and my conservatism has defined my life and is central to how I raised my children. I wanted so much to explain to my daughter, and myself, why my loyalties had changed while I am still the same. I didn't have the words. Until tonight.

Then I came across an email that Tom Wright sent to Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:

"While some Republican office holders may move towards embracing Libertarian values what is really happening is simple.
The Republican Party is going through the same death throes as Chrysler, GM, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, etc.; and for the same reason. The “management” of the Republican party abandoned its “customer base” and began producing a “product” that was a pale imitation of its competitor. Bad decisions at the top have basically placed the Republican Party into ideological receivership.
I would love to see a meaningful libertarian oriented party spring up to fill the void. Then the nation could have a true debate on market-based versus government-based approaches to the challenges we face."

Exactly. For years, decades, I bought the Republican Party product. Management came to believe that my loyalty would continue even when they began producing a product that was no longer meeting my needs. I can't afford to waste the money I work so hard for but when my party had control of the presidency and congress, they took my money and spent it without restraint.

I take the security of my family very seriously. The management of my party decided border security wasn't a priority. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that my party stood strong on terrorism, overseas, and stayed the course, overseas, despite the near-sighted folks on the left. But, if they expect me to allow them through my vote to represent me, they had better represent me day in and day out. If they don't want to do that I will look for somebody who will. Loyalty is a two way street.

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