Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some People Just Never Grow Up

One day, a while back I was staying with my grandchildren after school while my daughter ran some errands. My grandson was at the table doing his homework and my granddaughter and I were sitting on the couch talking. Out of the blue Olivia announced, “I have a boyfriend.” From the table Jeremy said, calmly and quietly, “No, you don’t.” This set off an exchange between the two of them that grew more and more implausible on Olivia’s part, being met by quiet logic from her brother. At no time did Jeremy raise his voice or resort to name calling. In fact, he continued doing his homework the entire time as he logically countered each of Olivia’s ridiculous statements. I didn’t interfere because a) in the absence of bloodshed children should handle their own battles and b) I was enjoying the show. The grandkids, now five and eight years old, have since moved to Arizona. I thought about their argument after reading RS McCain's thoughts on Bill Maher.

Bill Maher is a small minded, childish boor whose ability to reason is as stunted as his growth. He is disdainful of facts, ignorant of grace and devoid of curiosity. He surrounds himself with parrots and hides from competing thoughts. He revels in confronting others but recoils from being confronted. His show is a one way street. He throws the occasional conservative into the fray not to provoke an exchange of ideas but to belittle his guest for the amusement of his audience. Maher is one of those self-truncated snobs who believes that the loudest person wins.

I haven’t watched Maher in quite some time. I never found him informative, thoughtful or even funny. He reacts to disagreement in much the same way my young granddaughter would. And while she’ll grow up, sadly, Bill is at the peak his maturity.

h/t The Other McCain

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