Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tampa Tea Party

The big day finally came and I over slept. I had to scramble around to make up for the hours lost snoring but still made it to the tea party about forty-five minutes before the scheduled start. The organizers here in Tampa did a great job. There was a good turnout, although I would have preferred an Atlanta size showing.

For all the talk about right wing radicals, I didn't see any. I did see a lot of people like myself, who had come out to on behalf of their grandchildren, expressing a deep concern that out of control spending is mortgaging their future and robbing them of the opportunities that we have long enjoyed. I saw parents with their children. I saw quite a few college students. I saw men and women in suits, goths, preps and what is usually described as "good ol' boys and girls." I saw white, black, brown and shades in between. I saw citizens who love their country. I saw people who want their country to succeed.

The bad news for the left is that this wasn't a one day event. This was the beginning. We know we have a lot of work to do and now we know we aren't alone. Now we will go forward together. We will network, email and call. We will gather, get informed and inform others. Now that we have stood up we won't sit back down.

I've long been proud of America. For years I've teared up whenever I hear the national anthem and Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA. I pray that what I do now will ensure that my grandchildren will feel that same pride.

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Okay, Treacher didn't strictly post about the Tea Parties. Its just that something about him makes me all "schoolgirl."

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