Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do We Have the Will?

The ever thoughtful Mark Steyn writes:

"The proper response of free men to the trivial but degrading impositions of the state is to answer as Pierre Lemieux did. But it requires a kind of 24/7 tenacity few can muster - and the machinery of bureaucracy barely pauses to scoff: In an age of mass communication and computer records, the screen blips for the merest nano-second, and your gun rights disappear. The remorseless, incremental annexation of "individual existence" by technologically all-pervasive micro-regulation is a profound threat to free peoples. But do we have the will to resist it?"

I believe that here in the United States we do still have the will to halt the government's encroachment in to our lives. The much maligned Tea Party movement is a prime example of not only our desire, but will, to resist. However, I do understand why Mr. Steyn might be skeptical. We have after all, sat meekly by as government has incrementally shuttered our freedom. It wasn't until the current administration and Congress attempted a massive power grab via the bailouts, stimulus, etc., that the mouse decided to wake up and let out a roar.

The test is whether we sustain the roar or return to our slumber. I am betting on the former.

Read Steyn's fine piece here.

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