Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spank the Weasel

Much has been said lately about those smarmy little trolls who post comments on conservative websites. They typically have little to add to the debate and often believe that name calling and potty talk qualifies as "rational discourse." When called out on their ignorance they repost their previous comment and add a couple of more "F**k yous." Insight is definitely not their forte.

As I told in an earlier post, I got fired up over cave dwellers after a back and forth I had over at The Other McCain. The next day, there was an excellent post by McCain titled A Quick Guide to Blog Trolls. Can anyone guess who showed up in the comments?

Ignorant comment : Philip said...
Robert Stacy McCain grows more narrow minded and paranoid by the day. Here he is spouting a short but chagrining rant about the horrors of . . . wait for it . . . PEOPLE WHO DON’T AGREE WITH HIM

Once again, McCain manages to sum up in one post everything that's wrong with today's conservative movement: Knee-jerk suspicion of debate, reflexive hatred of difference, zero tolerance for those who stray from the party line.Up in the Good Place, conservative icons—gracious conversationalists like WFB and Russell Kirk—must be pulling their hair out.


It seems obvious that our friend Philip came in to the discussion without anything to add. Then, as if to cement his conservative credentials, he throws in a WFB reference. If I had to guess, I would say that Mr. Buckley does a lot more chuckling in heaven than pulling his hair out. After all, WFB was himself quite adept at spanking weasels.

I enjoy sites that manage to inform me and give me a giggle at the same time. One of my favorites is Tim Blair. Weasels come and weasels go on Mr. Blair's site, but there is always someone who is looking to be spanked.


Ignorant comment:
Those ‘Tea Party’ Americans are thick as two bricks. They don’t even know their own history: The Boston Tea Party was about taxation without representation. I don’t see any taxation without representation going on in the US—They just had an election!!!
Janine I (Reply)


Poor Janine I was way over her head on this one. My favorite reply, and there were so many good ones:

JeffS replied to Janine I Sun 19 Apr 09 (12:43am)
Janine, “Taxation without Representation” was indeed a slogan in 1776, but there were other issues as well. You might check out the history behind the 3rd Amendment in the US Constitution.
My point being, America broke away from the British empire expressly because of unfair and arbitrary governance. The events leading up to the Boston Tea Party was but one small part. The situation facing America today is similar, except that the unfair and arbitrary governance, is coming from inside the United States. A point that idiot elitists like Wolcott ignore.
If you’re going to use American history against Americans, you’d best learn American history first.


Having lived in the south for the better part of my life I get a particular kick out of weasels who mistakenly believe that using southern terminology in a derisive way is somehow proof of their superiority. That tactic doesn't always workout so well.

Perfect example at this post:

Ignorant comment: Steve SnyderApril 17 at 7:44 pm #18 Link
Call back when Ziegler **successfully** practices journalism.
And, the Couric interview was biased how? Examples, please?
And, nice to see the wingnuts out in force. Since the likes of Bill Buckley died, it’s clear that, claims to the otherwise, there’s no genteelness or manners in “conservatism.”
I guess y’all learned that language at the church you attend every Sunday, right?


It didn't take long for more logical minds to prevail:

mistercalmApril 17 at 10:08 pm #20 Link
Steve Snyder: “I guess y’all learned that language at the church you attend every Sunday, right?”
You liberals are soooooo clever. Conservatism is not glued to religion… but apparently hate and intolerance IS inseparable from modern liberalism. The nice disdain you throw in with the “y’all”... yep, to liberals Southerners are equated to ignorance.
You read most of the comments from liberals and they all have an unearned air of superiority… they’re somehow better than conservatives because they believe things that only a fool could believe. Liberalism is just the religion of the godless in the same sense that superstition is the religion of the ignorant.


I say we are surrounded by weasels so let's use them for sport. If you've spanked any weasels lately shoot me an email at Help me make this a regular Saturday feature.

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