Friday, April 17, 2009

One Man's Poison is My Beer

We'll get back to the title in a moment, but first, an important question: Have you ever thought about what happens when you exhale? Me neither. Well, not to get too technical, because I'm simply not capable, we pollute. It's been a tough few days. First I found out that I am a radical and now this.

According to the EPA, those of us who suck in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, are releasing a dangerous pollutant into the environment. Back in the dark ages of my youth, propagandist taught that carbon dioxide was necessary for healthy plant life. As we all know now, plants are good, humans, not so much. The obvious solution is for enough humans to quit breathing. If that isn't successful, on to Plan B. Cap and Trade.

Cap and Trade, the highly touted scheme, um plan, is supported by not only the current administration and several members in Congress, but also by my own governor, the Hon. Charlie Crist. What could go wrong? Well there's the cost, estimated to be between $3,100 and $3,800 per household in increased home heating and cooling costs and higher gas prices when we fill up. I realize that $258 to $310 per month per household sounds like a lot but surely the average family can find something in their budget to make up for it. I mean, what do families waste each year celebrating things like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving? Unnecessary. Does your family have a dog? What does that cute little CO2 spewing mutt cost on a monthly basis? Useless.

Here's the thing, I may or may not be a radical, but don't call me a tree raper. I care. However, while researching this issue I came across an eye opening post. The post is good but read the comments. According to alanstorm and larwyn BEER is a part of the problem? Back off Bucko! Beer is always the solution. Beer is where I draw a line in the sand. I love the Earth as much as the next gal but I didn't give up my beer for the Ivy League, drop dead gorgeous hunk who believed that "ladies don't drink beer" and I'm sue as hell not giving it up for blimpo Al Gore. Stand with me. Because U deserve what everyone individual should enjoy regularly.

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