Monday, April 13, 2009

Two Days and Counting-No worries

During Easter dinner yesterday the conversation naturally turned to Wednesday's Tea Party. It was a nice easy conversation and then my Mom said, "be careful." I noticed that my Dad was carefully studying his shoes. It was a brief moment and we went on but I was left with an odd feeling.

Today at work a couple of co-workers asked if "I was sure" I wanted to attend the Tea Party. Later my boss said he'd heard that Acorn was planning to disrupt the party. Again, "be careful." Again, an odd feeling.

As the movement has grown the left has taken notice. Whether it is the ridiculous claims of astro-turfing as reported by RS McCain or outright racist spewing by Fox News Geraldo Rivera, there has been plenty of smack talk to go around. But actual threats is a whole other thing.

It wasn't that long ago that we were told that protest was the highest form of patriotism. Does that only apply when it is the left protesting against a conservative president? Is patriotism defined by the left as "do what we do, do what we say or just shut up"?

Well, here's the deal, no worries. I feel strongly that I have a duty to not only my country and my family, but also to myself to stand up if I believe that my country is headed in the wrong direction. I also feel strongly that I have just as much right to stand up as the anti-war protester or the abortion supporter. If I sit around concerned about what is politically correct I am abdicating my responsibility as a citizen. And if I think twice about attending a Tea Party because Acorn, or any other left wing group, might pull some shenanigans then I allowing the left to define me. So let the infiltration begin. Game on.

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