Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where Have I Heard of This Before?

Not content (or is it not confident) to spread their message through their own sites, liberal toadies are showing up at conservative sites and pretending to be fans of the sites while posting hateful comments that they in turn use to point out that the site is hateful. Never let it be said that the left is interested in fair play or the open exchange of ideas.

Obviously, the left lacks confidence that their ideas have the ability to stand up on their own. Why else would they slant the playing field? This isn't just poor sportsmanship. It is unAmerican.

How unAmerican? Well, it is the favorite tactic of none other than Richard Warman. Mr. Warman is the Canadian cousin of the scumbags down here who when unable to persuade public opinion through thoughtful discussion turn to smear and innuendo.

This type of manipulation smacks of desperation. Could it be that the left has figured out that their audience is as empty as their ideas?

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