Monday, April 27, 2009

The Difference Between Me And Mom

I say "WTF"? Mom says, "WTSH? For the young people who have tripped on by, that's "What the Sam Hill"? No clue who Sam Hill is, or what she meant when my Mom said it, it was never a good thing. Plus, she always followed it up with "Am I wrong?". It is a braver person than I who would answer, "well, yeah."
Apparently, whoever decided to do a flyby in NYC never met my Mom. Hint: Common sense is a good thing.
h/t Paco, Don Surber, and Mom


Clifton B said...

Not only did they lack common sense, it is that they are stuck in a 9/10 mode of thinking.

Left Coast Rebel said...

can you imagine this happening under the watch of any other president? Are you kidding me?

Carol said...

I can imagine that had this happenned under our previous president the Left would be calling for his head.