Friday, August 14, 2009

The American Prospect Is Counting Chickens That May Not Hatch

The American Prospect is down right giddy over the Color of Change's calling of a advertiser boycott of Glenn Beck's wildly popular Fox show. Interestingly, the post didn't once link the Color of Change so that readers could check out the organization themselves or mention Van Jones, founder of Color of Change, convicted felon and Obama Green Jobs Czar. Some might wonder why relevant information was left out of the story.

As I mentioned last night, RedState has posted contact information for the companies involved in the boycott. In addition to blogging on this last night and contacting the various companies, I made several copies of the list provided by RedState and found that as I spoke to people today, almost everyone wanted a copy of the list so that they could contact the companies as well.

The polls are showing that the uglier the left becomes the more the American public is turning against them. The American Prospect, et al, may find that this little stunt backfires on them. Either way I am sure that Mr. Beck and Fox appreciate the free advertising, not that they need it.

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