Thursday, August 13, 2009

Group With Direct Ties To White House Attacks Glenn Beck

Via Memeorandum

News has just surfaced that the group “Color of Change” founded by Van Jones, convicted felon and Obama Green Jobs Czar is putting pressure on several large advertisers for the Glenn Beck show to pull their ads and boycott the show.

The group is upset that during a July 28th appearance on Fox & Friends, Beck referred to President Obama as a racist. The comment came during a discussion of the arrest of Dr. Henry Gates and Obama’s subsequent remark that the police had acted “stupidly” even though he had prefaced the remark by saying that he did not know the facts of the arrest.

RedState has compiled a list of companies involved in the boycott:

SC Johnson:Fisk Johnson Chairman & CEOPhone: (262)260-2000
Petrell OzbaySenior Global Public Affairs ManagerPhone: (262)
Progressive Insurance:Glenn Renwick, President & CEO- (440)461-5000
Linda Harris, Advertising &
Geico:Tony NicelyChairman, President & CEO, Insurance OperationsE-mail: 986-2462
Chris Tasher, GEICO Media

Each of these companies should be contacted immediately and told that the public will not support any company who succumbs to thuggish behavior by a group with direct ties to the White House. Further, the public should insist that there be an investigation in to whether tax payer money is being used to fund this campaign of intimidation

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