Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Middle Aged Broad's Advice To A Young Girl

Via Memeorandum:

Anyone who has spent five minutes on this site knows that I am a bit mouthy. Further, I freely admit that there are times that mouth gets a few steps ahead of my brain. Therefore, I feel supremely qualified to give Meghan McCain some friendly advice. Meghan honey, Michelle Malkin is right; you really need to shut up.

Sweetie, making a comparison between the number of your Twitter buddies to the accomplishment of having the number one best selling book on the New York Time’s list is immature. That you compared your Twitter “accomplishments” favorably to having a best selling book is stupid. Stating that young people care more about “tweets” than books casts not only you but young people in a very dim light. In short, congratulations babe, you have cornered the market on being a dumb blond.

You say that you care about the Republican party. That’s sweet, but could you articulate what Republican ideals are and which, if any, of those ideals you support?

I’m sure you are a very nice young girl, but you have some serious growing up to do. It took me longer than most to get a hang of the whole “adult” thing but for the most part I have and you will too. In the mean time, stop letting your mouth get ahead of your brain.

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