Friday, August 21, 2009

Health Care Reform: The Needle And The Damage Done

From Booker Rising:

Alan Keyes: "Obama Echoes Cain, Not Christ"Asserts the conservative commentator and America's Independence Party member:

"Wednesday, in a telephone conference call, Barack Obama spoke with faith-based groups in an effort to scare up support for his planned socialist takeover of the nation's health care system. In a telling illustration of his idiosyncratic Christian walk, he referenced the biblical commandment against perjury to call opponents of his plan liars because they assert that the takeover would lead to 'death panels' curtailing care to the elderly, or to expansive taxpayer funding of abortion.....After all, the biblical standard is respect for truth. If you conscientiously seek and present reasonable grounds for your statements or observations, you may still be wrong, but you're not bearing false witness. But Obama couldn't help talking down to people of faith. He assumed that with them, bludgeoning his opponents with a little biblical rhetoric was good enough. Like so many socialist disciples of scientific materialism, he appears to assume that people of faith have abandoned rational thought."

He continues: "God opposes the taking of innocent life. Barack Obama says that, on behalf of human offspring intended for abortion, it's wrong to interfere with it. Thus he already implements, even in its most extreme form, the literally ungodly principle of action he applied to criticize the people of California. Why is he surprised that people look with suspicion at provisions in the health takeover proposal that seem to marshal and encourage the old and infirm along the way toward dusty death? According to our American principles of justice, God opposes the violation or surrender of unalienable human rights. Barack Obama scoffs at the unalienable right to life. And he advances socialist schemes that would destroy the right to economic liberty for workers in health care and God knows what other sectors of our economy. Why is he surprised that people greet with suspicion his pious offer to be 'his brother's keeper'? If his faith were sincere, he would remember that this phrase was spoken by someone else who paid lip service to God, but in action denied his authority. It was in fact the perverse characterization of the obligation of love we would expect to come from Cain's rebellious heart. The keeper may be a compassionate guardian, but he may also be an armed guard. If, as his words and policies suggest, Barack Obama thinks it's wrong to prevent what God opposes, he should not be surprised if people of faith who conscientiously seek to ascertain and do God's will reach the altogether reasonable conclusion that he is on guard against them."

I find it laughable that President Obama is trying to guilt people of faith in to supporting health care. But the hypocrisy of his incidentally based faith aside, do social programs actually provide long term improvement to the lives of the "less fortunate"? No.

Government "assistance" programs create government dependency and reverse the role of the citizen and the government. The citizen becomes the servant of the government. Therefore, it is a moral imperative that citizens do not become dependent for their health care. Further, I would suggest that when the government peddles programs that result in dependency, the government is mimicking, on a national scale, the actions of the local crack dealer.

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