Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Gray Panther" Terrorists And Un-American Thugs

Via Instapundit:

Reason has an interesting little video from a health care town hall that was held in 1989:

At the time Andrea Mitchell commented, "the elderly are not against the new benefits -- unlimited hospital care, new at-home benefits, prescription drug coverage; they just don't want to pay for them."

So what is the difference between that mob of “gray panther” terrorists of yore and the un-American thugs of today? Back then the government wasn’t blowing smoke up anybody’s tailpipe about what the plan was going to cost. Back then the elderly knew that in order to get everything they wanted it would cost more than they could pay. Now, the government is looking citizens straight in the eye and telling them that they can have everything they want and it won’t cost them a dime. In fact, we are being told that we can have everything we want delivered to us on a platinum platter and we are going to save money on the deal. My friends, bend over and grab your ankles, because there is some heavy duty incoming heading your way.

No good ever came from owing your soul to the government store.

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