Friday, August 14, 2009

Never Make A Little Old Lady Angry

I will go along way out of my way to avoid making older people angry. Part of the reason is out of respect, but let's face it, when old people get angry, they don't hold back. Apparently nobody ever told Rep. Anthony Weiner. JammieWearingFool relates the events of Weiner's visit to a Senior's Center in Brooklyn:

The Democratic congressman, who represents Brooklyn and Queens, showed up at the Council Center for Senior Citizens in Midwood just before noon for a town hall meeting on President Obama's health care plan.

What he found was about 60 senior citizens fed up with the confusion surrounding the details of the President's plan to provide affordable health care for all Americans - and eager to eat lunch.

One senior wanted to know how the government would pay for a program to cover some 47 million uninsured Americans."Where are the doctors and nurses going to come from to cover all these new people?" he asked.

Sheryl Debling, who declined to give her age, but was not a member of the senior center, came to the meeting to get some answers."Where is the money going to come from?" she asked. "You are bankrupting our country. You guys are crooks."

Why are Democrats having such a hard time with senior citizens, including those in true blue areas like Brooklyn? Because they pull the wool over the eyes of a group of people who have "been there, done that." By the time people are in their sixties most people have learned, sometimes the hard way, that it is a bad idea to spend money that doesn't exist. By the time people reach their "senior years" they know that there is no such thing as a free ride. This is a group of citizens who spent forty, even fifty, years to provide for themselves and their families and rightfully resent the government tinkering with a system that they have spent decades paying for with their tax dollars.

These people know that government can't be all things to all people and they reasonably suspect that when something has to give, they will be the ones giving. Seniors do not suffer fools or liars easily. They have figured out that fools are trying to lie to them and they aren't going to take it quietly.

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