Monday, August 31, 2009


Reading Glenn Greenwald's It's time to embrace American royalty my initial reaction was, "Meow." But never credit to jealousy what could easily be explained by PMS.

Greenwald lists every person who profits from "the family" name. Well almost. I didn't notice any Kennedys on his list. Perhaps, Greenwald suffers from selective outrage.

Of course well heeled parents raise well heeled children. What parent wouldn't give their child every advantage? At some point it falls on the children to put that advantage to work and make something of themselves.

Greenwald comes off whiny and petty. Let it go, pouting is unbecoming.

h/t Memeorandum


Jules Crittenden:

The lefty sockpuppet also known as Glenn Greenwald is right. This nation might as well embrace royalty and be done with it. The only part I don’t get, is how he can get snarky about the fact that Jenna Bush just got a part-time TV gig, without once mentioning the colossal royal funeral we just witnessed or the subsequent succession struggle now starting to play out in the Party of the Little Guy.* Kennedy succession tea-leaf reading follows.


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