Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The "Who Cares" News Of The Day

Via Memeorandum:

Newly minted brides should do more than vow to love their hubbies for a lifetime, say the majority of Americans. Some 70 percent of the respondents in a new study feel they should also take their spouse’s surname - and 50 percent say that it should be a legal requirement for a woman to take her spouse’s last name.

Good Lord, is there nothing so trivial that we can't raise it to the level of supreme importance?
Fifty percent would make it a legal requirement? Why?

Look, when I got married I took my husband's name. When I got divorced, I kept it. Should Hell freeze over and I re-marry, I would probably take my husband's name again. One way or the other, my last name is insignificant to who I am. By no means is a name an indication of a woman's dedication to her marriage or an indication of a woman's independent means. But above all else, who cares?

Don't sweat the little stuff.

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