Sunday, August 9, 2009

Too Small To Count?

Via Don Surber:

What is the latest out of Leftie ObamaLand: Your state is too small to matter.

Pollack, June 23: “Then again, the seven states they represent are incredibly unrepresentative of American society. These have a combined population of less than 11.2 million, markedly less than greater Los Angeles. They include no major metropolitan areas. Their total population is less than 2 percent African-American, almost one-seventh the proportion in the U.S. population as a whole.”

Matthew Yglesias, July 28: “We’re talking, after all, about Max Baucus of Montana, Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico, Susan Collins of Maine, Mike Enzi of Wyoming, and Chuck Grassley of Iowa. Collectively those six states contain about 2.74 percent of the population, less than New Jersey, or about one fifth the population of California. The six largest states, by contrast, contain about 40 percent of Americans.”

Kos diarist, July 28: “But this health care reform-killing cabal of six Senators from small states is even more undemocratic than that — again, they represent a 2.7 percent micro-minority of the country.”

Collins, today: “The senators on this special committee hail from Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Iowa, Maine and Wyoming. This was quite a coup on Baucus’s part, since you have to work really hard to put together six states that represent only 2.77 percent of the population.”

Since when do only people who live in California or New York rate a say in the policies of this country. News flash: WE pay taxes, OUR loved ones protect this country, WE VOTE! I apologize for being crude but the only rational answer to elitist snobs who think that they alone have the right to express an opinion is, SCREW YOU! If the elitist had their way we would be CUBA.

Together we represent the back bone of this country. We will not back down and we will not shut up. The elitists are a threat to our very freedom. They need to go back to their poetry readings and sipping their lattes and leave the hard work of carrying this country forward to those of us who are up to the task.

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