Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Czar Has Read The Entire Bill

Via Doug Ross @ DirectorBlue:

Of course, I am not referring to that Czar, that would just be silly. The bill was read in its entirety by the Czar of Muscovy who concludes:

But the Czar realizes that this bill is very much like President Obama himself. Rushed through without proper review, and containing an unfocused blend of various liberal and radical ideas, the bill promises extensive reform, but ultimately cannot provide specifics beyond trivial process and procedure. The contents are pro-lawyer but anti-doctor, misinformed on how business works beyond the abuse of buzzwords, but is fully incorporative of labor union interests. The bill, like the President, raises a specter of of increasing fundamental central control coupled with an élitist dismissal for consequences; in the end, its scattered attempt to be a panacea to the nth degree produces a framework that is merely a framework: it is a blank slate, onto which the supporter pins his own hopes and goals, without anything within justifying that faith.

The President continually expresses dismay that his efforts toward so-called reform are being rejected by ever-increasing numbers, and he openly wonders whether we can sustain our existing healthcare infrastructure without his help. To that, we answer Yes. We Can.

I will link the entire post in a moment but I want to make a point first. Those of us who talk about death panels, government takeovers, etc., are accused of misinterpreting the bill; however, the bill was written in such a way that much of it is subject to interpretation. The administration is saying to us, "let's pass it now, and we will tell you what it really means later."

Well, no. The Founding Fathers envisioned a limited government role in individual lives. If this administration believes it can "fix health care" I want to see a bill that does that while clearly stating how it will limit the government's ability to interfere in my most personal decisions regarding health care. I don't see limits in this bill; I see government expansion. If I am wrong, it is because the bill was not written clearly enough. The only solution I see, is to scrap the bill and start again by writing a bill that concisely names the areas the bill intends to fix and the concise means the bill will employ.

Here's the link I promised. God bless the Czar for wading all the way through.

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