Sunday, August 9, 2009

Leftist Tactics

The Daley Gator has excellent advice for people attending Town halls:

The Left is really trying to intimidate those protesting ObamaCare. A word of warning to those who are out there fighting for our country, these radical Leftist thugs are TRYING to start a fight, that is one of their goals. They start a fight, and then they can scream about those “nutty, violent, Right Wingers”. So, be smart. Of course defend yourself, but make sure not to be caught alone, and be sure have plenty of people there with cameras to document who threw the first punch. Let’s make sure America sees who the thugs are.

At the Tampa Townhall I attended Thursday people wearing Obama tee shirts repeated came outside (I was among those who had been locked out) and tried to "stir up" the crowd and trying to provoke a fight. Of course, they failed because while conservatives may be passionate in their beliefs, they are not hooligans.

I didn't think of it until just now but while we were shut out of the building Thursday, why were Obama supporters allowed to go in and out at will? Interesting.

Gator links to American Power who writes in part:

Just as bad, in the sense of doing violence to the truth, has been the mainstream press. (See for example, Newsbusters, "Media Ignore Democrat Astroturfing at Pelosi Event.") Bloggers have been providing crucial coverage around the country, documenting the town hall protests and the Democratic Party's extremist efforts to quash dissenting opinion. Things are so messed up that SEIU, subsequent to their union goons beating up Kenneth Gladney, spliced raw video footage to revise the story and make it look like their own people were attacked. The rank bullying and dishonesty among the Democrats is unbefitting of a worthy opponent. Indeed, from the White House on down - with its call to "flag" dissenters - we're seeing the total self-immolation of the "hope and change" promise from 2008. The Democrats are not only losing the healthcare debate, they deserve to lose. They've dissed the common sense and good graces of everyday Americans, and they've underestimated the strength of genuine civic solidarity and traditional grassroots community action.

So show up early and often, be loud and be proud, but most important; be careful out there!

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