Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mental Illness, Ideology, And Hotties

A femme fatale has gotten her painted claws in to Ace and he is smitten with the kitten bad, real bad. He refers to Sharon Begley, Newsweek “Science Editor” in such crushy crush terms as “Dr. Hot Tamale”, “Dr. Va Va Vavoom”, “Dr. Droolworthy”, and my personal favorite, “Dr. Sizzle Pants”. Down, boy! So what has Dr. Hot Ta Trot (that was mine) done to put Ace’s putter in a flutter? Ala that other Minx of Mental Health, Dr. Janeane Garofalo, she has declared conservatives, “nuts.”

Sharon Begley, May 2007: Bush is mentally ill, suffering from delusions due to deep denial.
Sharon Begley, June 2007: Democrats lose elections because they target the rational side of the brain, while Republicans target the irrational side.
Sharon Begley, October 2007: Those who deny global warming are kooks and cranks like those nuts who deny the moon landing.

I must confess, as a woman, I fail to see the attraction. Further, drawing on my own long standing experience in the mental health field (life), I would say that Begley suffers from CBS(purely a coincidence), Chronic Bafflement Syndrome. This disease is typified by collectivists who shun commonalities, ie., common sense, common decenceny. Symptoms include hostility, smugness and false superiority. Sufferers often display a lack curiosity, faux scientific knowledge and a disturbing lack of appreciation for a truly perfect prime rib dinner. Those afflicted exhibit MSNBC (Mentally Stifled Non-Buoyancy Conundrum). Sadly, this not only robs sufferers of personal happiness but also makes the afflicted strive to inflict their unhappiness on everyone around them. Quite sad actually.

I don’t know Ace, but I would strongly urge him to resist the Siren’s Song. No good will come of it.

/snark off (temporarily)

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