Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Far Right Conservative Nazi Busts Out Windows...What? Never Mind

“Clearly there’s been an effort on the other side to stir up hate. I think this is the consequence of it.”–Colorado Democratic Party Chair Pat Waak, before details emerged about alleged bicycle-riding (eco-friendly!) vandal Maurice Schwenkler.

Well, Patty, we all know that’s not quite true don’t we? While Patty sits and listens to those crickets chirping in her head, let the rest of us review the real story. My, what a strange tale it is. From Peoples Press Collective:

**Update 12–Maurice Schwenkler aka transgender anarchist “Ariel Attack” (h/t Complete Colorado, blogger Dinah Lord is also investigating the Maurice Schwenkler/”Ariel Attack” connection):

The suspect arrested Tuesday morning on charges of smashing 11 windows at the state Democratic Party headquarters is a transgendered “Denver-based anarchist” who goes by the name “Ariel Attack,” according to postings on numerous anarchist and radical gay-rights websites. A fundraising plea circulated by the self-described “radical queer group” Denver Bash Back! seeks donations to raise the $5,000 bail set for 24-year-old Maurice Schwenkler, who is “listed in the jail records and media under her birth name.”
The postings asked “people to NOT call the jail and potentially out Ariel, which would create a very dangerous situation,” noting that “Jail is a dangerous place for everyone, but especially trans people.”

A hearing was set for Wednesday morning for Attack, who faces charges of felony criminal mischief, according to the Denver Anarchist Black Cross.

By early Wednesday afternoon, Attack’s backers had raised the money for her bail, according to a spokesman, for Denver Anarchist Black Cross, but the group will continue taking donations through a PayPal account “for what will probably be a protracted legal battle.”. . .Attack, listed as an “occasional contributor” to the Queers Against Obama blog, recently wrote a post blasting President Barack Obama, saying “the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ has nothing to do with gay rights, but rather is a plan to fill the US military with more queer bodies.”

Several websites are reporting that Schwenkler, aka Attack, was once a paid worker for a Democratic candidate. I checked out the website Queers Against Obama and I wouldn’t be surprised if Schwenkler thought that smashing those windows would result in a twofer: first, I’m sure he rightly assumed that conservatives would be blamed; and second, as an Obama hater (see Queers Against Obama) he enjoyed the hell out of smashing those windows.

Whatever Scwenkler’s motives, it remains that Waak was all too happy, not to mention way too quick, to jump to the a conclusion that would allow her to smear conservatives. In lieu of apologies, I would expect that Waak & Co., will concentrate on Schwenkler/Attack as an angry and disturbed young man/woman. If the meme fits…

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