Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some Questions and Some Thoughts

I was just watching President Obama's personal physician being interviewed by Greta Van Susteren. The good doctor stated that he favors a single payer system and he said he supports single payer because thirty percent of health care costs are spent on completing insurance company paperwork. Is this guy such a sheltered freak that he believes that dealing with a government bureaucracy will be cheaper? Easier? Less time consuming?

Do the people who want to hand over our health care to the government never deal with the post office? Have these idealists never gone to the DMV? The Veteran's Administration? The Social Security Administration? The IRS?

I am not a member of the elite. I have an under graduate degree from a state university so I don't "qualify" as an intellectual. I am just a fifty-one year old single mother and grandmother who loves her family and loves her country. Common sense tells me that we are going in the wrong direction. Big Pharma isn't paying me to attend tomorrow night's health care townhall. Here' how I see it:

  • People who bust their asses each and every day should not be punished by having their money confiscated by the government,
  • Individuals make better decisions for themselves than any government entity can.
  • Any government who asks its citizens to spy and report on fellow citizens is fundamentally corrupt.

The Obama Administration, aided by the American press, is in the process of executing a socialist coup against the American people. Now, more than any other time, dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

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