Saturday, August 1, 2009

Carol at No Sheeples Here has tagged me and now it is my turn to share the seven things I love.

1. My grandkids, Olivia and Jeremy. Besides being perfect in every way (eye roll), they represent my family's past and future and the love that has passed from generation to generation.

2. The ocean. There has never been day so bad that the ocean couldn't make it better. At night, I sit on my porch and just listen to it.

3. Dogs. My Winston (Winston Theodore Pooh), was a lab collie mutt who passed almost three years ago. I think of him almost every day. He was always happy to see me, loved my cooking and never tried to change the tv channel. On the downside, he snored like a freight train.

4. The National Anthem. When I was nineteen and living in Turkey, I listened, really listened, to the National Anthem for the first time and I cried with pride and love for my country. I have cried every time I've heard it since.

5. My parents. I can't possibly put the love, admiration, pride and gratitude that I feel for them in any coherent form that would even come close to giving them the honor they deserve.

6. Roses. Incredible proof that God is an artist.

7. My various communities. The community where I live, the community where I work, my blogging community. Friends who build me up when I need it and slap me down when I deserve it. Good people.

Time to tag someone else. Gator Doug, Cynthia and El Campeador, your IT!

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