Monday, August 3, 2009

Obama Is Bringing Socialism To America And It's Not A Joke

I always read the comments on posts. Sometimes I enjoy the comments better than the post itself. Here is a comment by Nobody Important commenting on the Obama Joker poster:

What a great guy! Intelligent, funny, good looking, great jump shot, completely ignorant of the way the word works, being led around by the nose by other extremely well meaning and otherwise intelligent ignoramuses. Even Karl Marx was trying to make the world a better place. Lenin, Stalin and Mao all thought that equality of outcome, helping the little guy (worker/masses) was important enough of a goal to kill for. Today's bourgeoisie live on the Upper East Side, San Francisco and in Hollywood. They are creating their own utopia with themselves as the oligarch. They don't want other people's morality to be forced on them because it would get in the way of forcing their moral relativism on others. Let's see: kill a baby-but save a whale, euthanize the old-but save the rain forest. Anything goes in the cause of creating a perfect society - unless you are one of those crazy Christians. If you believe in God you are a freak, if you believe in profit from hard work you an enslaver. Sigh. Why don't they learn from history? This has all been done before. There are millions of bodies to prove it. Obama - a great man, truly, but oh so very wrong - and unfortunately it's no joke: After all....You can put lipstick on communism....

The commenter makes several valid points. I would like to give my opinion on why “they” don’t learn from history. Liberalism is not about learning, it is about feeling. Liberals feel that everyone should have health care. Liberals feel that there should be income equality (not so much that George Clooney would give up the income that affords him that mansion on Lake Como in favor of living a trailer park). The problem is, Liberals want someone else to fund their feelings. For all their talk of sacrifice, they are not willing to sacrifice themselves. Cap and Trade; they are for it. Giving up their jets, giving up their mansions, not so much. They want to be able to indulge their feelings without responsibility. If they knew history, the would know that in every ‘worker’s paradise’ the paradise was not enjoyed by the worker, but by the few, like them. That knowledge wouldn't feel good.

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