Monday, August 3, 2009

We Must Win Back The Senate

How does Rubio possibly win? Certainly not by running more TV ads. For Rubio, the strategy is message versus money, ideas versus name ID, positions versus popularity. And he is generating a buzz among the Republicans he does reach, showing charisma, strong speaking skills and a firm knowledge of issues facing the federal government.

He appeals to the base of the party with solid conservative positions on social issues, government spending and taxes. While he doesn't attack Crist while campaigning, he clearly sets himself up as the alternative for Republicans who believe Crist has gone too far toward the political middle, particularly by promoting President Barack Obama's $787 billion stimulus package
Miami Herald

Crist is raising $13 for every $1 that Marco Rubio brings in. Despite Rubio’s stint as Speaker of the House in Florida, he lacks Crist’s name recognition outside of the Miami-Dade area. Insurmountable? Not by a long shot.

The country is hungry for fiscally Conservative candidates. Rubio is a fiscal (and social) conservative; Crist is not. The Stimulus bill, the Omnibus bill, Cap and Trade, Cash for Clunkers, ObamaCare. Americans want an end to reckless spending and regardless of party affiliation they are looking for representatives who are fiscally responsible. The current political atmosphere favors Rubio, not Crist.

Crist stood beside Obama and bragged about taking Stimulus money. Crist promised that he wouldn’t raise taxes, but he did. And state collected fees, as well. Where has Crist’s tax and spend philosophy gotten this country?

Name recognition and dollars. If the name recognition comes, the dollars will follow. That is where you come in. I’ve noticed quite a bit of traffic coming to this site from within Florida. Fellow Floridians, take a hard look at Marco Rubio’s stands versus Crist’s and then ask your neighbors and co-workers to do the same. I am confident of the outcome.

Truth is, the balk of my traffic does not come from Florida. Chances are, if any non-Floridians have made it this far, you either live here part of the year or know somebody who does. Every senate race is important. Conservatives must win back the Senate. Wherever you are from help get Rubio’s name out.
Email me the info on your conservative candidates, no matter where they are, and I will do my best to promote them.

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