Friday, August 7, 2009

Smack Talk Not Just For Left Coast Rappers Any More

So he doesn't want to hear any opposing opinions; he just wants to ram his agenda down everybody's throats without dissent. That's not the American way. This is a democracy and people are allowed to voice their concerns. Sending SEIU thugs into town hall meetings for the purpose of stacking the deck is what causes problems. But those are the only opinions he wants to hear.

This man has not unified America - he's ripping it apart with his arrogance, his condescension, his socialist policies and his thuggery. I'm sure that statement will incite lots of angry comments from his supporters, but it can't be denied. America is in a bad place right now. People are scared. His administration has called Republicans "dangerous right-wing extremists." He's done everything he can to divide the country - us against them.

The "he" that Pat is referring to is our Comrade and Thief Obama. It seems the thin skin One has been trash talking about people who dare to express opinions that fail to comply with the approved Chicagoville message.

Pat has the video.CAUTION: Viewing may result in severe indegestion.

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