Sunday, August 2, 2009

When "Voting Blocks" Leave The Liberal Plantation

Gator Doug gets it:

In truth, the Left does not want to defend women, or Blacks, or Gays, they want to relegate these groups to eternal victim status. By preaching to these groups that they are the victims of horrible discrimination, they seek to embitter them, and to make them believe their only hope lies in blindly supporting Leftist candidates, and ideology.

It is a scam, perpetuated far too often, and sadly far too successfully by the Democratic Party. Their goal is to create voting blocs that they can count on to turn out on election day and cast votes for the Democratic candidate. In short, they are working to create robotic voters that vote on a perception that their interests, which of course are completely dependent upon their gender or race, are best served by Democrats.

Liberals have never given a rat’s ass about women, blacks, gays, Jews, Hispanics or any other “class” of people. Their only interest is in keeping these groups down and dependent on the scraps that Libs throw them in exchange for votes. If any of their chattel dare stray away from the Liberal Plantation charge full speed to destroy the uppity ingrate (See: Thomas, Clarence; Palin, Sarah).

Read Doug’s post. He really does get it.

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