Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bill Maher, Liberal Idiot Part IV-Updated

Michele Malkin’s newest book, Culture of Corruption got a plug, not that she needed it, from Bill Maher. Billy was his usual sophomoric self, managing to squeeze the word “poop” in to a book review. His love for the ganga was evident as he gave Malkin’s book the full Beavis and Butthead treatment. It would seem to be a waste of air time on Billy’s part as it is doubtful that many in his audience read.

Here’s a suggestion for Billy, if you have a problem with something Malkin has written, refute it. Warning: the best way to watch the video is to close your eyes, drift back to the seventh grade, and remember that nasally little puss face who was always acting out in class because he mistakenly thought it made him popular.


Maher Ignores The Clown In The Room:

Next time Maher takes on Michelle, he should invite her to the show. That will not happen because the last thing Maher wants is substance, enlightenment, or anything that will deflate his agenda.

But if Maher wants true comedy, next time he should sit next to a real clown, like Al Franken.

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Anonymous said...

Bill Maher is another one of these elitist "I'm so much more clever than you" liberals. He can't stand it that public opinion and common sense talkers like Malkin refute his arrogant opinions. I canceled my HBO mainly because I won't support an idiot like this.