Saturday, March 6, 2010

Breaking News From Wisconsin That Apparently Has Nothing To Do With Cheese!

Troglopundit is on the scene!

Breaking News: college students are self-absorbed and petulant, without the historical context to recognize their own ridiculousness.

A give-us-free-stuff rally at UWM yesterday became unfortunately violent:

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee officials said they had to use pepper spray Thursday to help break up a rally at the campus after some protesters became violent while trying to enter the building that contains the chancellor’s office.
How come that never happens at Tea Parties?
I dunno but I'm going to a Tea Party tomorrow so I'll let you know.

Somewhat interesting tidbit from my past-my sophomore year in high school I participated in a three day sit in outside the Superintendent of Schools building.  I was able to pull that off because my parents were in Venezuela at the time and I hoped they wouldn't find out about it.  They found out.  Anywho, we pretty much just sat there.  No violence, no chanting, no misspelled signs.  Really wasn't worth all the trouble I got in.

Note:  I didn't get in trouble for skipping school.  I got in trouble because while I was "sitting in" a package of Oreos somehow walked in to my bedroom and forgot to shut the door behind them.  The entire package was eaten by my mother's beloved poodle, Cindy.  Cindy survived but when Dad saw the vet bill my own survival seemed highly unlikely. In my defense, I could have done worse.  I could have thrown a party while my parents were gone.  Oh, wait...

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