Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obama to Wavering Critters: We've Got Your Back, Coburn to Critters: When Hell Freezes Over

From Ruby Slippers:

That's not all, Senate Republicans took to the microphone to telegraph a few more warnings today as well. Senator Tom Coburn warns vulnerable Dems considering switching their no vote from the fall to a yes, "sell your vote, and we will publish it." Coburn draws a chuckle from his contingent when he warns that anyone in the House taking a dive for health care, their fabulous new job awaiting them as reward might just be hung up in the confirmation process. Wouldn't that be sad? Anyone who would sell out their constituents for a failed president on the promise of a glam job, deserves to wait at the back of the line behind all those who have lost their jobs while this administration focused on health care, health care, health care.
No doubt Obama is trying to sell nervous CongressCritters on the idea that if they are punished by voters in November for voting for health care "reform" that he will see to it that they will be rewarded in their next lives.  Fat chance.  If wavering critters can count on anything it is that a very angry public is taking names and punishment is on the menu-for November, and beyond.   Obama can nominate but no Republican who cares about their own re-election will dare to confirm.  Anyone who votes for this crap sandwich, whether it passes or not, should understand that come November they will be lucky if they can find employment as a Walmart greeter.  

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