Sunday, March 7, 2010

I wouldn't wish British health care on my neighbor's obnoxious cats

The Daily Mail:

Neglected by 'lazy' nurses, man, 22, dying of thirst rang the police to beg for water

A man of 22 died in agony of dehydration after three days in a leading teaching hospital.

Kane Gorny was so desperate for a drink that he rang police to beg for their help.

They arrived on the ward only to be told by doctors that everything was under control.

The next day his mother Rita Cronin found him delirious and he died within hours.
I've said it before and I'll say it again-coming soon to a hospital near you.

I've also said before that when the powers that be in Great Britain, Canada and elsewhere came up with their particular versions of ObamaCare they didn't sit around saying "what is the crappiest form of health care we can come up with" and then enact it.  They meant to help their citizens.  Their intentions were good. But socialized health care is a fundamentally flawed system that ultimately always results in rationing and a lower standard of care.

The Obama administration, no strangers to arrogance, believe they can do government health care right.  Fat chance.  Like Social Security, government health care has a demographics problem that simply can't be over come.  Beyond that, unlike our neighbors to the North and across the pond, Americans will not cede their rights to the government. 

Regardless, Obama & Co. are full steam ahead.  Delusion is a powerful drug.


jill said...

Dear God.
I'm speechless.

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