Friday, March 19, 2010

Sounds Like a Good Idea to Me

From Don Surber:

Move over Republican Senator Dr. Tom Coburn and Republican Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.

Up to two dozen fellow doctors may be joining Congress after this fall’s election.

Cybercast News Service reported 29% of doctors in a survey said they will leave medicine if Obamacare becomes law.

So they have to find some other way to make a living.

Why not become a congressman?

From Byron York: “Talk to the new candidates, and they’re worried about the entire scope of Obama policy. But an indicator of the specific effect of Obamacare is the unusually large number of new recruits — 31 — who come from the medical profession. Twenty-four are doctors. The GOP already has a significant advantage in the number of physicians-turned-lawmakers — at the Obama health care summit, the Republicans brought three doctors to the table, while the Democrats brought none — and that advantage will probably be larger in 2011.”
I would love to see more physicians in the Congress, especially if they are all cut from the same cloth as Tom Coburn.  Lost is the ObamaCare nightmare is the fact that most of us want to see health care reform.  Wouldn't it be helpful if we had more lawmakers who have a real working knowledge of health care?  Hugh bonus-we might actually get meaningful tort reform.

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