Monday, March 8, 2010

In defense of incivility

I applaud Sir Paco on his splendid rejoinder.  This is how it ended:

Well, then, you insufferable popinjay, you carbuncle on the neck of reason, you bar-sinister conservative; be advised that the defense of liberty is not a game of low-stakes whist among gentlemen whose honor can be taken for granted, whose good faith is a byword. It is often a rough-and-tumble affair, and not infrequently a thing that has involved the shedding of blood and the death of heroes, so spare me your asinine drawing-room analogies and your Sunday-school posturing. Kindly stand not upon the order of your going, Mr. Feehery; I am sure you can find your own way to the door. Good day, sir!
Now go see how it starts.


smitty1e said...

A slightly more sensational take.

Carol said...

Very good, Smitty! I wish I had your way with words.