Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Left: Heads. We're Intolerant, Tails, We're More Intolerant


lib·er·al·ism [líbbərə lìzzəm, líbbrə lìzzəm]


1. progressive views: a belief in tolerance and gradual reform in moral, religious, or political matters

2. politics political theory stressing individualism: a political ideology with its beginnings in western Europe that rejects authoritarian government and defends freedom of speech, association, and religion, and the right to own property

3. economics free-market economics: an economic theory in favor of free competition and minimal government regulation

Wow, what the Hell happened?  Liberalism, as it is practiced today, is the antithesis of tolerance and individualism.  We (still) have free speech but anything that doesn't conform to the Liberal call for bigger government is met with swift condemnation.  Liberals certainly don't encourage the open exchange of ideas.  But is this really new or have Liberals always exhibited intolerant and fascist tendencies?  You be the judge:

H/T  Power Line

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