Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stupak Caves, Babies Die UPDATED

As I write this Rep. Stupak is announcing that he has caved.  He knows that any Executive Order the President signs can be unsigned.  Essentially, he has sold out millions of unborn children who thanks to him, will never come to be.  Adding insult to injury, he is claiming that his position is pro-life. 

Executive Orders have the weight of law but they can be overridden by Congress and Obama himself can call a mulligan.  Stupak knows this.  If he put his faith in Obama, he is a fool.  If he put his faith in Congress, he is worse than a fool.

All I can say is that the fight goes on.


Cold Fury:

Executive Disorders: “What is law? Two lines of writing above my signature.”–the original President Hussein


Although Democrats forgot to protect widows and orphans of slain servicemen in their GovCare scheme, they didn’t forget to funnel billions to the Planned Parenthood Camps or impose an Abortion Tax on every person in America.

Backyard Conservative:

Stupak Caves, But Another Issue

 I'll take all the good news I can get.
Riehl World View:
Stupak Chooses Obama Over The Unborn

Stupak gets nothing out of this except his name in the paper. Nothing he gets will change a thing. It's a total sell-out of what he has claimed to believe in. Hope he enjoyed the camera face time while selling out so completely with nothing substantive in return.

Paco Enterprises:

Stupak, You're Close to Being a National Disgrace

I'm Catholic and I oppose abortion, but I wouldn't support a horrible bill like this one just because, one way or the other, abortion funding is prohibited (which, if Stupak is relying on the validity of an executive order, it won't be). You don't get a free pass by being a pro-life socialist, nitwit. And the fact that you must know that there's no way this government is going to let pro-life provisions stand, means your opposition to abortion is probably nothing but window dressing.

Doug Ross:

Stupak: the Sanctity of Life is Important to Us, Which is Why We Will Slash
Care for Old People and Further Enslave Children to Massive Deficits

Moments ago, Democrat Bart Stupak announced that a deal had been brokered between the President and the Democrat pro-life contingent in the House.

In exchange for their votes, the President will sign an Executive Order banning -- supposedly -- federal spending on abortions. Nancy Pelosi gets a dozen or so hard-fought votes that almost guarantee the successful passage of the Senate health care bill in the House.

Ironically, Stupak's pro-life posse of Democrats are assuredly condemning children and generations yet unborn to massive deficits, when our existing entitlement programs are already broken.


Deception through executive order

His fundamental conflict is that he wants the bill to pass, even with the taxpayer funding for abortions, but he hopes to find a way to take a stand against that funding. It’s impossible. No wonder he’s trembling like a leaf in the wind.

Shame on him times 1000 if he goes for the flimsy cover of a sham executive order. Maybe Obama thinks he can issue edicts contrary to US law but I imagine Stupak and the American people know better. What a farce.

The Camp of the Saints:
Representative Bart Stupak Is A Cheap Crack Whore
You are being way too kind, Bob.


My thoughts on Stupack's appearance on the Greta Wire-he looked and sounded like crap.  I guess that is what hapens when you sell your soul.

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