Thursday, March 4, 2010

REASON TV: 3 Reasons Why Obama’s High-Speed Rail Will Go Nowhere Fast.

This Saturday the Tampa Tea Party will be celebrating its one year anniversary with a gathering to protest the health care bill and the planned increase in our sales tax.  The proposed sales tax increase is supposed to cover the cost of bring light rail to Florida.  I've written about the folly of light rail on several occasions, must recently writing:

It would appear that, once again, Charlie Crist has been harmed more than helped by his association with President Obama. Obama was here in Tampa just this past Thursday to announce that Florida would be receiving 1.25 billion dollars to partially fund one of Charlie's pet projects, the bullet train to Hell. "Partially" being the operative word. The citizens of Florida will need to pony up the other five billion or so dollars needed to complete the project which, based on the past history of light rail, will lose tons of money for every moment it is in existence.
It appears that I may of have been overly optimistic in my "five billion or so" estimate.  As the video below from Reason.TV shows, light rail has a history of cost over runs to build, broken promises of success and a perpetual need of taxpayer dollars to run.

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